Friday, September 22,3017


If it were that effortless to rise after
A fall
Wouldn’t more
Be abounding with rooftop grace?
Walking the fine line
Of thrill
Then drop
Only to soar

tires screech
bones break
windows smash
Not from the fall
But the screams
Of loss

Inside the bones are fragmented.
The mind has lost some spokes and grinding
Over if only thoughts
Oh and
The heart,
Ready for the tasting
For anything that resembles

And only a few run out
Because to most
You are a mirage
You look fine
Or the latter
Depression is not convenient
And you turn
A full knowing and seeing eye
(You know who you are)

The bed
The hospital
The pills
The image
Nothing is your own.
You’re blurry
And can’t quite make out the picture.

But wait.
Just hold on
(Please hold on)
Your fall is the catalyst

To soar to a new

The first steps are the hardest.
The looks
The pain
The anger
For the lack of empathy
Insufficient understanding
For an invisible disease

The second steps even more so
well pain
With a mix of indifference
Has been
All you have known

All I knew…

Nevertheless, you walk
You fight
and keep walking
Sometimes for years…
Swinging those fists of courage in the air
Maybe with a few stumbles along the way
But you continue
Even with your skinned
Knees and pride

I continue

And then it flashes in a moment.
Like the perfect photograph
And it stills
And you can see the full
That moment when you
Realize on firm ground

You have soared the furthest



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