My Dreams Have Long Arms

Stretching out like airplane trails

Leading somewhere, I have yet to go.

Descending on concrete



My dreams have long arms.

Like branches that hang from 100-year-old trees

Snagging my wild hair and untapped thoughts as I walk by

In blinded routine


My dreams have long arms.

Swinging and swaying around my

Masquerade apparel

As I try to live half alive


We are ready

Even if you are not


My dreams have long arms.

Cut, tend, and dig

Through my rooted depression



Restlessly scraping

What I thought I needed to hold on to


My Dreams

Of no mercy

Pulling and


My comfort of existing


My dreams, their longevity

Have stayed awake, as I lay dormant.

Reaching heights, I could not

Holding me up as the light ignited my unopened eyes

In a hue of life


I embrace my dreams of long arms.

Eyes meeting theirs

As they whisper, you have another chance.

Hold on to me…



One thought on “Reaching

  1. Powerful and amazing. Positive words here, which give me hope on difficult days. You are incredible April. Much love, Margaret ❤ xxx


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