My memories, my successes, my unavoidable setbacks and failures, these are just a few of the inspirations that drive me to paint and write.

I belong to a world where hope entwines with despair and sanity flows freely into madness. I truly believe that an honest balance can be achieved; this is what I attempt to capture. In a beautiful narrative of the human condition I create my Art, a visual representation of what many of us struggle against and the unbelievable levels we reach in overcoming the hardships life throws our way. My paintings and writings are portrayals of hope and inner strength because as long as I am creating, I am doing my best to live a full and purposeful life.

Through my works I hope you make a connection .I believe the viewer’s perspective is critical to art coming alive,that a new meaning is brought to life by the viewer.

Thank you for taking time to view my works.

Much Love