Under the Untamed Sky  

Today the sky isn’t how I need it to be


Is it I can’t quite look up?


Some days don’t go as planned.

Dark clouds surround, cloak

and I displace the beauty around and

inside of me.

I wander through the fog,

stumbling over dissatisfaction, melancholy, apathy, regrets.

But today after rolling thoughts

I opened up a hue discarded

and decided my story is still mine to determine the colour



My brush blooms untamed across the canvas,

like skies in a magnificent awakening upheaval

and I witness beauty unfolding, an adventure I didn’t foresee.

The Temptation to Dream anything!




And the mistakes of trying

all at my hands…


This moment is an effortless as the sun is to rise.

with vision, purpose

And a blank canvas world in front of me.


I have been told at many stages in my life.

that I had my head in the clouds

Now, I know those words are not powerless

but fearless

because I did not fear dreaming, even when broken.


I will rise,

to paint the sky in splendid hues

on days I can’t gaze up

on days I hang my head

the colours are before me

and the art of creating pushes me through the fog like sunlight through darkness

removes my “can’t” in tones of beauty

not perfect

but beautiful because I tried even when I assumed I couldn’t


Imperfectly mine….


freely I choose my pallet

Of this one life

Under the untamed sky





One Step At A Time

Oh, my dear ones,

When you look down

Find something to look at

Even when raindrops form in your eyes and make puddles

Splash in them triumphantly because you are alive!

Oh, I know your battles

I look down too

Some days I can’t bear to look the world in the eyes

Today I look down

to the kind shoes I had as a teen

When illness had not reached my bones

And I smile

Stick, stones and names didn’t break me

I didn’t break me….

And I look up

Willing, able to fight for my life

Because I belong here

As do you

Oh, my dear warriors

Even when you look down know you are on the battle ground

Pushing forward

Conquering your battles one step at a time